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How You Can Get Auto Credits Financial Help


An auto loan is a loan that banks and other financial institutions offer you to buy a new or used car. Generally, these credits have a fixed interest rate and payment terms, so you know exactly how much you'll pay each month from the time you buy your car on Auto Credits Financial. One of its features is that you usually have to pay a down payment at the beginning (usually 20% or more of the total cost of the car), and the rest of the debt is divided into terms of 6 to 60 months (5 years).

What Are The Auto Credits Financial Requirements To Obtain An Auto Loan?

  1. Financial stability

The Auto Credits Financial institutions such as the that offer you auto credits study the stability of your debt payments, how long you have lived in your last home, your current job seniority, among other factors. They also verify that you have a good credit history or a positive rating in the credit bureau, to establish if they will lend you the money and how much.

  1. Ability to pay

Financiers take into account your ability to pay, that is, the money you have free once you cover other debts and fixed expenses. This gives you an idea if it is possible to pay off the loan you request.

  1. Guarantee or endorsement

In some cases on Auto Credits Financial, they ask you for an endorsement that responds for you or leaves collateral in pledge, which can be a real estate or the car itself, which can be arranged by the Financier in case you do not comply with the payments.

Documents To Request An Auto Loan In Auto Credits Financial


The documents you need to apply for a car loan vary depending on the Auto Credits Financial institution you request, but they are usually:

  • Credit application
  • Current proof of address
  • Proof of recent income
  • Current official identification with photograph and signature
  • In case of being a foreigner, it will be necessary to present your valid immigration documents as well as a valid passport.

Some Recommendations For Obtaining An Auto Loan


Hiring an Auto Credits Financial is a big responsibility. Before doing so, compare the loans on the market to see if you are really choosing the best option.

Ask for Annual Cost; Also, you can consult a guide to understand what CAT is. In the case of loans to buy a car, the CAT includes interest, commissions and sometimes insurance premiums.

Ask YOUR Auto Credits Financial for the benefits for paying your credit before the agreement.

It is not your obligation to contract the credit with the same Auto Credits Financial agency where you will compare your car or with whom they recommend you. You must do it with whoever offers you the cheapest and most comfortable payment option for you.

Remember, that Auto Credits Financial cannot require you to pay interest in advance.

See if they charge you any extra charge or commission to pay before.

Finally, if perhaps you do not understand any of the terms that appear on the credit application or conditions, ask the seller such as in the before accepting the loan to buy your car. That is all you require to know regarding the Auto Credits Financial.

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